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Welcome to Maya!

We are on a mission to build a powerful programmable general-purpose virtual assistant that gets things done for you faster. We think this is the first step to building and democratizing what we think would be the equivalent of the steam engine for the 21st century - general-purpose machine intelligence - a machine that can think, learn and program itself to complete a variety of tasks as well as a human can.

A few ground rules we have at Maya for our users:

  • We take your privacy seriously and will not sell your information to third parties.
  • If you do not wish to continue accessing your third party application any more through Maya and delete your account with us, your content is removed and all accesses revoked
  • We do not store any of your personally identifiable data with us nor do we intend to in future.

We're always open to feedback or questions — feel free to reach us at humans@mayahq.com.


The Maya Team

The full length legal documents of our standard EULA, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is linked below if it interests you to go through them. We expect you to accept them before signing up Maya, so might as well take a look. We have tried our best to keep it as simple as possible.


Using Maya requires signing up for an account. By signing up for an Account, you agree that the information you submit is truthful and accurate.

You also agree to keep your Account login information confidential and will let us know of any unauthorized use or other breach of security. You can read more about Accounts in our Terms of Use.

Privacy Policy

Your information and data are used to provide, operate, and improve the service. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

We may, from time to time send you important emails about Maya, but you can always opt-out.

Other Users

Maya allows users to share content with one another through the service. However, Maya doesn’t control the content and isn’t responsible for what you share, or what others share with you.

You can read more about Other Users in our Terms of Use.

Maya for Teams

Maya for Teams is a subscription plan for companies to purchase the service for its employees. You can read more about Maya for Teams in our Terms of Use.

Subscriptions and Renewals

For paid accounts, your Maya subscription will automatically renew on the first day following the end of the subscription period and continue for an additional equivalent period, at the current price for the subscription.

If you do not want your Account to renew automatically, or if you want to change or end your subscription, please contact us at humans@mayahq.com or log in and go to your “Account Settings” page.

You can read more about Subscriptions and Renewals in our Terms of Use.


We prefer to address your concerns without needing a formal legal case. If you have a dispute, please reach out to us at humans@mayahq.com.

You can read more about how we handle Disputes in our Terms of Use.

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